yoink'd mediabox

yoink'd mediabox is a web media player that lets you stream your favorite online videos, create playlists, and share with friends -- without the hassle of traditional players. Our core value lies in our user interface, experience, and media sharing capabilities.

  • Instant results = Instant gratification. No more sifting through pages of poor search results. Immediately plays "best" matched media for your search.
  • Simplicity. Clean interface. Minimal number of buttons. Maximum amount of functionality packed into a small, portable space.
  • No download, upload, or storage. Save time! No more hassle.
  • Easy playlist sharing. Simply email or instant message your friend the link!
  • Embeddable! Post this full-sized mediabox (view mediabox on left) on your personal website, blog, or any page on the web!
how to use on your website
  1. Copy and paste the below embed code into your website.
  2. To change the skin, you can set the "skin" attribute in the code to equal "vista" or "aura" (If this attribute is excluded in the code, the "default" skin type is Zen).
  3. Embed Code:
  • Technology: AJAX / DHTML
  • Dimensions: 320 x 480 pixels
  • Default Skin: Zen
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