take. make. share. - yoink'd your media content anytime, anywhere.
on your computer
yoink'd mediabox is a web media player that lets you stream your favorite online videos, create playlists, and share with friends. View what is currently being yoink'd by your friends and other yoink'ers.
With yoink'd mini, you can embed your own player on any webpage (e.g. your website, your MySpace page, your Facebook profile, your blog, etc.) and start yoinking media.
Get all the functionality of yoink'd mediabox in a smaller size, so you can easily place your yoink'd widget on any webpage!
on your phone
yoink'd iphone - coming soon!
Now you can yoink'd your favorite videos on-the-road inside the slick iPhone.
on your music player
yoink'd ipod touch - coming soon!
Don't have a video you want on your iPod? No need to download. Immediately yoink'd songs on your Internet-enabled iPod Touch.
on your home entertainment
yoink'd wii - coming soon!
Enjoy all the features of the web-based mediabox on Nintendo Wii!
yoink'd ps3 - coming soon!
We didn't forget about you, Sony. Take, make, and share media content on the PS3.
yoink'd psp - coming soon!
Yoink'd media on-the-go on your very own PSP.
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